The Benefits And Harm Of Wine

Hey! Do you mean the benefits of wine? Yes I mean the benefits of wine. Many do not know that there is such a great benefits in drinking wine though moderately. Some even see wine as offensive or a show of exuberant lifestyle-you don’t get the value of wine when your thought is along that line. Wine relaxes the mind, it sparks up a celebration mood, I mean it energizes a happy mood and beyond these nice effects, wine is beneficial to health.

Recent research on wine have established the fact that intake of wine such as the red wine and white wine if taking moderately, can prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, prevents ageing and so much more that will be discuss later in this article however, it does have side effects, side effects such as increase in blood pressure and brain damage

However do not let this side effects increase your suspicion about wine. Moderately drinking of wine is very healthy while higher consumption of it could lead to serious health problems so to gain mastery over the benefit of wine drink moderately! And moderately means maximum of one glass cup of wine for women and maximum of 2 glass cup for men in a day but not every day.

Benefits of wine

It reduces heart related disease

Procynanins– part of the classification of antioxidants called polyphenols present in red wine have been proved to be very active in prevent cardiovascular disease. It aids the improvement of flow of blood thereby enhancing the health of the heart.

It lowers cholesterol

The resveratrol lowers the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol- bad cholesterol and enhances the good cholesterol. So if you have issue with cholesterol you can take one glass cup of red wine before sleeping and see the transformation that will take place in your body.

It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Prior attention should be given to this kind of disease and one should do everything to prevent it. Taking one or two(for men) glass cup of red wine thrice in a week is enough to prevent this disease because the resveratrol in red wine has been proven to be effective for reduction of insulin resistance.

It reduces the risk of cancer

Intake of a glass cup of wine would reduce the risk of cancer- colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer.

Antioxidants present in red wine help fight against cancerous cells thereby preventing cancer. Drinking wine should not just be for fun but also for medicinal purposes.

It improves brain function

Has funny as this may sound, drinking wine at least moderately actually improves the brain function. Moderately wine intake will improve your level of reasoning and assimilation.

The chemical substances found in wine has been proven to prevent the brain’s neurons from diminish thereby protecting the brain from dementia and reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It prevents ageing

Wine could be very effective in preventing ageing- this sounds like good news for some people especially those that wants to be forever young.

Recent study shows that resveratrol prompt a protein that serves as an anti-ageing agent and this resveratrol is present in red wine in a nice proportion so next time you are sipping that wine just say to yourself am getting younger.

Harms of wine

As much as study has prove again and again that moderate intake of wine has so many health benefit also the same study shows that high consumption of wine could be very harmful.

It causes brain damage

As moderately intake of wine could boost cognitive abilities also over consumption could damage it. Recent research suggests that intake of 3 glass cup of wine per day could lead to serious mental problems such as memory loss and mental imbalance therefore be highly moderate when you are drinking it.

Increase risk of blood pressure

Excess consumption of wine may increase the risk of blood pressure or increase the level of blood pressure in someone.


Pregnant women should not near wine or alcohol because it has harmful effects such as birth defects and low birth weights. It is not just harmful in women also in men- it could lead to low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and low testosterone level.


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