What Wine Goes With?

For wine to be more enjoyable and pleasurable it should be taken with a nice dish. How will it sound, if you drink your wine alone or take it with a dish that does not pair? Not all wine fit all kinds of food, every wine for its food if maximum enjoyment and pleasure is your goal.

For instance, imagine a succulent texture of roast pork with a white wine that has a bit of body and flavor – what a pair! Or a Pilot noir red wine paired with well prepared turkey- very pleasurable. Having a nice tasty food is not complete if not properly paired with the best wine available.

What wine goes with salmon?

Knowing the wine to pair with salmon is a little bit tricky considering the rule of paring dish with wine, fish and poultry (white meat) goes with white wine and beef, lamb (red meat) goes with red wine but things is a little bit different with salmon.

Salmon is greater in weight than the flaky fresh water fish therefore it does not pair with white wine and it is also lighter in weight than red meat. Considering salmon flavor- it has a strong enough flavor to overwhelm other flavors conveniently.

You also have to consider the mode of preparation in the pairing of salmon with wine. Pairing salmon with the wrong wine could lead to a disastrous dinner, so is essential to have a right paring and that is why we are for you.

Chardonnay– Oaked chardonnay, rich in flavor and aroma forms a nice pairing with salmon. It is best paired with salmon fishcake and salmon potpie.

Pinot noir– No more wrong pairing with your well prepared grilled salmon with light tomato sauce because is best served with pinot noir, its low tannin content and light red fruity flavor overpower the strong flavor of salmon. It can also be taken with blackened and teriyaki salmon.

Rose wine– If red wine goes with red meat then pink fish should go with pink drink; such is the case of salmon and rose wine. This incredible red like wine’s flavor and acidity blend greatly with salmon. Sparkling rose wine can be served with grilled and poached salmon or even with salmon sashimi.

What wine goes with chicken?

Chicken sticks to the flavor of the sauces (tomato, cream based sauce, seasonings) used in preparation therefore making it possible to be paired with any type of drink.

Nevertheless on this article you would have the privilege of knowing the wine that can be best served with chicken depending on the way you prepared it.

Oaked chardonnay– Oaked chardonnay is best served with grilled chicken because the rich in flavor chardonnay is well able to reduce the bitterness that comes with grilled chicken.

Pinot noir– Pinot noir, a light red wine is a perfect match with roasted chicken because is not too strong and have a low tannic content and its acidity and nice flavor blend with the flavor of the roasted chicken.  It is also okay with herb seasoned chicken but not with spiced grilled chicken.

Riesling– If you are a lover of the Chinese sweet and sour chicken prepared with bell pepper and onions then riesling is the perfect wine to make the dish worthwhile. It is best okay for spicy chicken dishes such as barbecued chicken and spicy chicken wings thanks to the low alcoholic content that neutralize the spicy hotness that comes from the food.

What wine goes with fish?

Based on the rule, red wine goes with meat and white meat goes with fish such as fresh water fish like walleye and crappie but why sticking to the rules when you can still enjoy your barbecued fish with a light chilled red wine, and for a spicy fish blend with herbs a red wine will also do absolutely justice to it.

A rose wine can be paired with Minnesota fish.

What wine goes with turkey?

Chardonnay makes a perfect pairing with turkey; the creamy and buttery characteristics of chardonnay will blend absolutely with the flavor of the turkey. Also a medium bodied sauvignon blanc will make perfect match with your delicious turkey.  What of red wine? You may ask, the herbaceous, acidity pinot noir makes a perfect match with turkey.

What wine goes with pork?

Well prepared pork with Indian or Moroccan curry is a perfect match with riesling wine but a grilled or grilled marinated pork dish will be clamoring for Pinot noir, this shows that- perfect pairing for pork with wine boils down to the flavor that it takes on.

What wine goes with lamb?

Lambs takes on the flavors from seasoning and sauce used in preparing it, very much than other meats so in pairing lamb with wine you have to take note of the flavors and sweetness of the sauce. Anyway, we will do some justice here- Château Couronneau is very okay with roasted lamb and cabernet sauvignon is a go with coked lamb casseroles.

What wine goes with steak?

Cabernet sauvignon is a perfect match for your marbled steak, and the French syrah or Australian Shiraz will be enjoyable with barbecued steak.

We have done our best to bring to you various perfect pairing of wine with your scintillating dishes however, it all boils down to personal preference.

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